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Buyer Beware - Buy Glutathione at your Own Risk!

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Written by Max Murphy

Buyer Beware – Buy Glutathione at your Own Risk!

If you are ready to buy glutathione or are just contemplating it, don’t order anything until you have read this article.

You may have heard that glutathione is some kind of miracle cure, and if it sounds too good to be true it… usually is, right? In the vast majority of instances something that seems too good to be true is in fact a scam. So, is all of the hype about glutathione just another scam?

The answer is a resounding NO! :)

There have been numerous studies and trials that have proven the value of this antioxidant, and many reputable members of the medical and scientific communities have come forward acknowledging the usefulness of glutathione.

The headline of this article might make it sound that if you buy glutathione you are taking a risk, but things are not always as they appear. The warning in the headline involves the counterfeit glutathione that is being sold to unwary consumers.

One of the problems that you will encounter when you decide to buy glutathione is the sheer number of sites selling the product. There are literally tens of thousands of sites to sift through before you make your final decision. It is at this time that you must beware.

Counterfeit glutathione, like many other drugs and supplements are made in countries such as the Philippines, Malaysia, and other countries by people who are beyond the reach of our criminal and civil justice systems. These manufacturers could care less what is in these faux drugs and in many cases people have become seriously ill when using them.

If you want to buy glutathione it is imperative that you take every precaution to ensure that the product is genuine and your health is protected.

In order to be sure that you are purchasing a genuine product you should only purchase from a reputable supplier, and no the guy on Ebay is not a reputable supplier.

Here are a few tips to help you determine if a supplier is reputable.

#1 – Avoid Auction Sites – Ebay and other auction sites might be a great place to buy and sell baseball cards but they are hardly the place to sell nutritional supplements.

#2 – Real Address – If you are buying online check to see if the site has a real world address. Though an address will not guarantee that the supplier is legitimate, most fly by night type of sites never give a real address.

#3 – Customer Service Number – Never purchase from a site that does not provide a customer service phone number. You might even call the number to be sure that it is legitimate and ask some questions about the product you are purchasing.

#4 – You Get What You Pay For – If  you want to buy glutathione and find a site that has prices much lower than the competition…beware!

#5 – Check the Domain Name – Do a Whois search on the domain name to see who actually owns it and where they are located.

#6 – Avoid 3rd World Country Purchases – Western countries such as The United States, England, and most of Europe have protocols in place to ensure that products are genuine. Countries such as China, the Philippines, Malaysia and other countries are famous for distributing counterfeit products.

#7 – Internet Scam Search – If you want to buy glutathione or any other product use Google, Bing, or any other search engine to investigate the company and their product before purchasing.

When you buy glutathione or other products you must protect yourself by minimizing the risk of purchasing a counterfeit product. Use the tips in this article to protect yourself. While these tips are not all inclusive and do not guarantee that you will not be swindled, using them will decrease the chance tremendously.

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