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Coffee and Glutathione Suppositories For Maximum Delivery

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Written by Max Murphy

Coffee and Glutathione Suppositories For Maximum Delivery

Coffee and Glutathione suppositories might sound a bit strange but after reading this article that may change forever. It has been proven that glutathione is a necessary enzyme and works to remove xenobiotics from the body.

Xenobiotics are chemical compounds that are found in the body which are foreign to our systems. To make a long story short, xenobiotics are pollutants within our bodies.

Coffee has been used as a cleansing enema for years but is rather inconvenient in that when used the recipient must lay flat on their back for a minimum of 20 minutes while the liquid is absorbed after which the remaining fluid is evacuated. As a result of the evacuation there is a loss of electrolytes. Substituting coffee and glutathione suppositories in the place of an enema removes the time spent on your back and electrolyte loss.

You might be asking yourself if it wouldn’t be easier to drink a cup of coffee and take glutathione supplements? Studies have shown that oral coffee does not have the same effect as coffee delivered rectally. Suppositories are placed directly against the hemorrhoidal complex for maximum delivery of the essential compounds. So, the answer to your question would be…no.

The elimination of many xenobiotics is dependant upon the amount of GST (Glutathione S-Transferases) and glutathione in the body. Coffee and glutathione suppositories increase the amount of GST and glutathione in the body and thus improve the detoxification process without the discomfort and loss of electrolytes associated with an enema.

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  • Nickpc2001

    The product they are talking about is to expensive for what it is.. I mean 10 suppositories  for 100.00 dollars.  If you look around you can find cheaper alternatives it don’t contain coffee but still has Glutathione and a great delivery method.  Check out Zetpil.

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