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Understanding the Deadly Relationship Between Glutathione and Alcohol

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Written by Max Murphy

The Glutathione And Alcohol Relationship

Many people have known those who drink too much alcohol, many people understand the relationship between alcohol and cirrhosis of the liver, but very few people understand the relationship between glutathione and alcohol and the fact that it can kill.

That’s right you heard me correctly, combining glutathione with alcohol can kill you just as dead as a bullet through your heart.

Before we get off on the wrong foot here it is important to understand that drinking alcohol when you are taking a glutathione supplement WILL NOT kill you, the relationship between glutathione and alcohol is more subtle than that.

Glutathione and alcohol abuse could cause death. Ok, don’t panic; let me explain how it works. When alcoholics suffer severe trauma or go into septic shock they are far more likely to go develop ARDS or Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome. ARDS attacks the lungs, lungs that have been weakened by alcohol depleting the glutathione in them.

ARDS Facts You Should Be Aware of

#1 – About half of all ARDS patients die.

#2 – Death from ARDS is 4 times more likely for an alcoholic than it is for a non-alcoholic.

#3 – The average age of an alcoholic dying from ARDS is 30 years old.

#4 – More alcoholics die from lung injury such as ARDS than die from cirrhosis of the liver.

The fact is that chronic use of alcohol depletes the supply of glutathione in our bodies. It can even counteract the benefits that you are getting from a rich supply of the antioxidant.

The lungs normally have 1,000 times more glutathione in them than other parts of the body, but chronic alcohol use depletes it through oxidative stress. Alcohol itself does not deplete glutathione, it is the oxidative stress caused by excessive alcohol use that does.

Glutathione combats oxidative stress but is used up as it does so. When the body is undergoing continued attack by oxidative stress through alcohol abuse glutathione levels drop quickly.

A clinical study was conducted at an alcohol inpatient detoxification program which showed that those suffering from alcoholism but otherwise healthy. This study found that the glutathione level in the lungs of those studied was decreased by 80% to 90% when compared with healthy non-alcoholics.

As you can see there can be a very deadly relationship between glutathione and alcohol. Alcohol depletes the body of the valuable protection provided by glutathione, once that happens it can quickly become all downhill from there.

If you suffer from alcoholism please for the sake of your self and your family seek out help.

Get clean and sober and start replenishing the most valuable antioxidant in your body with a high quality glutathione supplement that boosts your levels of glutathione. Don’t just become another statistic for ARDS research.

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