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Does Glutathione Whiten Skin? – The Truth Behind the Myth

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Written by Max Murphy

Does Glutathione Whiten Skin? – The Truth Behind the Myth

For centuries humans have equated beauty with a clear complexion and light skin. Some believe that it is a symbol of celebrity or being from the upper class. To be honest, I really do not equate light clear skin with someone being from a better class of people but there are those that do. I have received a number of emails such as “Does glutathione whiten skin?” and “How does glutathione whiten skin.” In this short article you will learn… the answer to both of those questions.

Some people seem to be lucky in that they have light clear skin from birth while others have to work at it. Glutathione has been proven to help the body fight acne by cleaning the body of toxins and free radicals, thus contributing to the “clear” part of the beauty equation.

The skin is the largest organ in the body and as such is the first part of our overall beauty that others see. Lightening such a large organ can take time and diligence. Luckily glutathione lends its power to achieving this goal quite easily.

Three things determine your skin color.

#1 – Melanin – Melanin is found in most organisms and is the primary determining factor related to skin color in humans.

#2 – Carotene – Carotene determines the yellow to orange pigmentation of the skin.

#3 – Blood – The final factor in skin color is the underlying blood and the color that is reflected through the skin.

Now to answer the question, does glutathione whiten skin? The answer is yes. Glutathione works to cleanse the body of impurities, toxins, and free radicals. These agents can cause blemishes but with the use of glutathione many of them begin to disappear giving your skin a clearer appearance.  Glutathione also inhibits the production of melanin and by doing so lightens the pigmentation of the skin.

Now that you understand that not only will glutathione whiten skin, it also contributes to a clearer complexion what is holding you back? Just because you are not a celebrity does not mean that you cannot look like one.

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