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Nebulized Glutathione proven to fight COPD and Other Respiratory Diseases

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Written by Max Murphy

Nebulized Glutathione Proven To Fight COPD And Other Respiratory Diseases

There are many ways that you might administer this antioxidant including intravenous, topical, pills, or even as a suppository, but one method has proven to combat COPD and other respiratory diseases – nebulized glutathione.

The imbalance between oxidants and antioxidants may, according to studies, affect those suffering from respiratory diseases such as COPD. In fact, there are case studies that support the use of nebulized glutathione in the treatment of obstructive airway diseases. Data suggests that increased oxidants released by inflammatory cells contribute to the causes of many respiratory diseases, and that the introduction of antioxidants such as nebulized glutathione may offset the production of these oxidants.

One such case study details how John (not his real name), a 95 year old man arrived for treatment in a wheelchair and was wearing an oxygen mask. John was alert and responsive but what having trouble breathing but refused to be hospitalized. A single dose of nebulized glutathione was administered, taking about 5-10 minutes, and John was breathing much better.

John was put on a nebulized glutathione treatment plan, which was administered twice daily by his family and was to return in three days. John returned to the facility without a wheelchair and needing no oxygen. Upon examination he showed no signs of respiratory distress.

John’s story is just one of many case studies that show nebulized glutathione can be used in a treatment regime for COPD and other respiratory diseases.

Administering nebulized glutathione is not difficult; all you have to do is follow these simple instructions. Place once single dose of glutathione in the nebulizer cup and connect the mouthpiece. Sit in a comfortable upright position and turn on the nebulizer. Breathe as deeply as possible holding each breath for a few seconds. Continue until the dose is gone and mist is no longer formed. The entire treatment should take 5-10 minutes.

Does nebulized glutathione combat COPD and other respiratory diseases?

Studies have shown that using this antioxidant to offset the oxidants released by inflammatory cells have positive effects. Consult your physician before trying any treatment and by all means research the subject extensively before forming an opinion of the treatment.

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